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Customer - person who is purchasing Travel services in to the Agency.
Travel Supplier - travel service supplier.
Agency - Travel service seller.Travel service - service offered by Agency.
1.Customer is responsible that all the information given is correct and precise. The name on the passport must match the nameon the ticket, otherwise you may not be able to travel.
2.In particular, please note that in relation to airfares there are additional terms specific to that fare. To see these fare specificrules, click on the "Fare Rules" section.
3.There are certain limitations and rules for booking cancellation and changing. These rules depend on the fare rules. In case of voluntary cancellation, Agency do not refund the service fee for booking.
4.In the event that Customer make any alteration to booking (including, but not limited to, cancellations, refunds, amendmentsand name changes), Agency reserves the right to charge an administration fee to cover the administration costs. Thesecharges do not include any charges imposed directly by the Travel Supplier.
5.Customer must make sure that all double bookings are canceled, one or all can be automatically cancelled, even if is alreadypaid.
6.Customer is responsible to make full payment for the booking as soon as possible – until the end of last ticketing date.
7.Agency does not guarantee the total amount of the ticket. Price changes are affected by change of oil prices and airport taxchanges. In case the total price for the ticket changes/rises until the last issuing date, Customer take full financialresponsibility for it.
8.Be informed in case of credit card payment, Travel Supplier could charge the credit card on local currency and the totalamount might be different as on the moment of booking.
9.In relation to the "Special requests" options relating to any product (eg meals, disabled facilities, child seats etc.), Agencydoes not guarantee any such requests but will pass these requests on to the Travel Supplier. It is Customer responsibility toconfirm with the Travel Supplier whether such special requests can be fulfilled.
10.Agency does not assume any responsibility for the travel products and services provided by the Travel Supplier and makes norepresentations or warranties (express or implied) about the suitability or quality of travel products and services featured onthe Site.
11.Agency rely on the information that Customer provide as being accurate and therefore cannot be held responsible if e-ticketdoes not arrive due to an incorrect email address or junk email settings. Customer may be required to produce bookingnumber and/or confirmation email to the relevant Travel Supplier as evidence of booking.
12.All information regarding booking (booking confirmation, flight changes etc.) is sent to Customer's e-mail. Customer isresponsible regularly to check the mail box and check the booking on https://www.checkmytrip.com/.
13.You are responsible for complying with any Travel Supplier conditions in relation to check-in times, reconfirmation of flights, or other matters.
14.Customer ability to cancel or modify a booked travel product or service, and the method for doing so, will depend on thespecific Travel Supplier's terms and conditions. It therefore may not be possible to cancel or modify some products or servicesor there may be specific requirements Customer will have to meet.
15.Flights must be used in the order set out in your itinerary - eg a failure to use the outbound flight or first stage of a journeycould invalidate the rest of the ticket.
16.The information in this section is valid for Latvian Citizens only. Non-Latvian Citizens should consult the Embassy of theirdestination country and the Home Office Immigration Department regarding any special documentation for the countries theyare visiting or for return to the Latvia. Some overseas countries have an immigration requirement that your passport is validfor a minimum period after you enter that country. Children need to hold their own passport if they are to travel abroad.
17.It is Customer's responsibility to check and comply with any visa and transit visa requirements.
18.If Customer is traveling into or out of the EU, or on an EU carrier, Customer have rights under EC Regulation 261/2004 whichCustomer can assert against the relevant airline in the event that your flight is cancelled, delayed or you are denied boarding.For more information please check www.ptac.gov.lv.
19.Privacy Policy. The terms of the www.aviokases.lv Privacy Policy are incorporated into these Terms and Conditions. You agree to the use of personal information by www.aviokases.lv and its affiliates or third party suppliers in accordance with the terms of and for thepurposes set forth in the www.aviokases.lv Privacy Policy. www.aviokase.lv complies with the laws of Latvia in terms of  person security policy.

The air ticket purchase conditions  / Low cost airlines /

    The number of seats for this price is limited and may not remain if you pay for this or other flights later.
    The air ticket fare can change until it is not purchase.
    Ryanair airlines allow to travel alone passenger of age 16 or higher.
    The travel agency is not responsible and money is non-refundable for the flights delayed or other troubles related to the weather or airport problems.
    The baggage fees are non-refundable if the passenger registered fewer luggage than there were paid for.
    The flight route, time and date are not changeable.
    The passenger’s name and surname are not changeable.
    The order is not confirmed until you do not receive a letter of approval.
    Payment for a purchased ticket or its parts are non-refundable.

1 passenger
Adults (12+)
Childrens (2-11)
Infants (0-2)